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Be part of something special! Not your typical franchise opportunity

On your quest to become an “oh my SUSHI” franchisee you’ll experience personal growth and gain management skills that you’ll find invaluable.

Along the way you’ll have the guidance of our successful “oh my SUSHI” franchisee training model, plus all the support and knowledge we can offer.

The personal growth and business knowledge you’ll develop from our extensive training and your experience as a franchisee will allow you to access a host of opportunities.

Our company vision is one of positive journeys where you can learn all the skills that will make you into a future leader, we provide unapparelled support on that journey and do everything within our power to see you succeed with your goals.

It is a rewarding opportunity but one that requires dedication and a roll up your sleeves attitude, it is not for everyone so we are 100% transparent about the good and the challenging.

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